NerdView Changelog


The following features is currently being developed and are likely to be part of the next version.

  • Events…

[31/10-2019] NerdView v0.2.4a - Bug Fix

Minor bug fix. Work on seperation of backend and frontend has begun.

  • Wrong username/password now brings you to login (instead of frontpage).
  • Fixed bug where attending on events was not shown.

[30/10-2019] NerdView v0.2.3a - BGG Import

This update mainly brings bug fixes and a new profile.

  • Fixed bug where everyone could edit event descriptions.
  • Removed DB-related bug.
  • Added game description and complexity to model (not shown).
  • Created ‘profile’ page which replaces the collection.
  • Added experimental board game geek profile importer.
  • … general refactoring.

[29/10-2019] NerdView v0.2.2a - Markdown Support

This update brings major visual changes and support for markdown.

  • Added markdown support.
  • Sanitized markdown input can be rendered.
  • Event descriptions are now written in md.
  • Updated design from default boostrap to material.
  • New login/register screen.
  • Redirects to login/register when not authorized.

[28/10-2019] NerdView v0.2.1a - Editing Events

This update brings changes to the event feature.

  • Title and description can now be edited after creation of event.
  • Updated layout of event page.
  • Added privacy mode to events (public/private).
  • Refactored to utilize components.
  • Fixed minor caching issues.

[27/10-2019] NerdView v0.2a - Events!

This update marks the launch of a new feature – events. The new feature is still very primitive but working.

  • Organize and share events.
  • Participate in events.
  • Edit event information

[26/10-2019] NerdView v0.1.4a - Minor Design Changes

This update brings minor design updates.

  • Added ‘UI Avatars’.
  • Added on-hover on game collection table.
  • Added message when no games meet the search criteria.
  • Date of user registration and last login is now tracked.

[25/10-2019] NerdView v0.1.3a - Alpha Launch

Data is now persistent between updates. Users can now register and start creating their collections!

  • Configuration of database.
  • Link to this change log (and new design for it).
  • Data is now persistent – accounts will not be deleted between updates.

[24/10/2019] NerdView v0.1.2a - Mobile Support

The most noticeable end-user change is the login/register module for small screens which allows mobile to interact with the website. The biggest changes has however been backend were a failed migration from EF Core 3.0 to EF 6.3 led to major refactoring.

  • Added login/register for mobile.
  • Fixed empty username/password bug.
  • Added favicon 🎲 to site.
  • Migrated from EF Core 3.0 to EF 6.3
  • Refactoring – seperated API and view.
  • Enter to search (when adding to game collection).

[23/10-2019] NerdView v0.1.1a - Random Game

This minor update brings changes to the collection page.

  • Updated the layout for showing boardgame collection.
  • Added search by gameplay time.
  • Added ‘feeling lucky’ buttom (pick random game), by request from Janx.

[22/10-2019] NerdView v0.1a - Launched!

Launched the first version on – supports account creation and game collections.
Information will currently not persist through updates to allow for quick prototyping without database migrations.

Feel free to report bugs and wish for new features.

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