Project Kallax

Your digital Kallax! Manage and share your ever-growing board game collection with friends and family.

Project Kallax
Jiji the Board Game Guardian

Manage your Collection 🎲

Managing your collection can become tedious once you have a decent collection. Your digital kallax synchronizes with your collection on BGG and allows you to easily search in your collection by players, playtime and tags.

Share with Friends πŸ€—

Easily share your collection with friends and search in your combined collection - perfect for arranging what to bring for the next game night!

Join the Closed Beta πŸŽ–οΈ

We have tons of ideas but are looking for people to help us prioritize and provide us with their honest feedback. Help us shape Kallax, we'ill provide you with a digital badge of honour as thanks!

What is this project? A BoardGameGeek alternative?
No. We know Board Game Geek is king πŸ‘‘
We explored and confirmed that in a survey we conducted:

Game Collectors - result
Answers to a survey on board game collection.

Kallax aims to be a BoardGameGeek supplement. An expansion if you will.

Our minimum viable product is a simplified way to search in a combined set of game collections. We want to focus on nailing that aspect... and then conquering the world πŸ—ΊοΈ We have tons of ideas! πŸ’‘

  • custom tags for my games
  • keep track of who borrowed my games
  • statistics and tournaments!
  • local and global leaderboards
  • a map of all board game cafΓ©s in the world
  • a better price runner
  • 'I have played this before but forgot' rules!
  • a game-helper app editor!
  • updates from game designers and publishers
  • updates when my friends get new games
  • create and find events
  • badges and gamification
  • a virtual kallax based on box measurements from BGG
  • ALL THE THINGS πŸ¦Ήβ€β™‚οΈ

But that's a bit unrealistic and we know that πŸ˜… So we need you to help us focus on the right things so we can make a meaningful contribution to the board game community 🀟

Not quite ready to click the big button?
That's okay, let's bore you with some technical details
This project is our digital playground. It allows us to experiment with technologies we think are cool. It's built by nerds for nerds. is being written as a Progressive Web Application in Blazor WebAssembly which is why the original name for the project was GameWasm. Think of it as a regular website except most of the code runs directly on your device - like an App ... but with no installation. Win-Win!

We are using gRPC to communicate with the server. It's a pretty cool open-source project that use the Protobuf data format. This format is more compact than for example regular JSON or XAML - allowing us to transfer the same amount of information using less data! The result is a cheaper data bill and faster transfer.

Our findings will be posted here at