AdequateSource in its current form has existed for a year now ๐ŸŽ‰
I bought the domain back in January 2018 and used it as an assorted portfolio. The idea of referencing my ability to describe my own work as merely adequate was amusing to me. However, boredom drove me to reboot the site with a simpler and less polished format to collect notes of sorts - and it became this.

Hosting and Setup

This site is powered by Ghost, a lightweight open-source blogging platform. It's fairly straightforward and allows you to write blog posts in markdown. Ghost is a bit niche and I would probably recommend the more feature-rich WordPress for less technical people, but I found myself getting distracted and spending more time styling my posts than writing them when using WP.

I host the site on a single 1GB droplet from DigitalOcean at the cost of $5/month. They offer all new users a free 60 day trial with $100 worth of credit which is nice, but I managed to get $50 free credit instead which is actually nicer as it is not time-limited. Any cloud provider will do though - and my choice of DigitalOcean might have been affected by the fact that I had already used up my trials with most major cloud providers.

I configured the site to use CloudFlare as CDN to help out the tiny instance on busy days and speed up delivery. They offer a free plan which is perfect for personal blogs like this. Why not.

The total cost for this setup has been $10.96 for the entire first year, but that is due to the $50 credit. The coming year will total $75 ($60 + 25% Danish VAT).

Most of my posts are reposted on Medium as an experiment. Usually under a slightly different title and sometimes rewritten to better fit the platform. This has primarily been an attempt to see if the blog could eventually break even through their partner program.


I blog about fairly niche topics and not very frequently. Only 8 Medium articles and 12 blog posts (most of which reuse the content) have been published over the last year. The articles tend to do a bit better on Medium but I also rewrite them to contain more keywords and try to get included in publications.

Install pg_cron on Amazon RDS
Blog views 95 | Medium Views 62, $0.33

Is Yat the next great digital investment? ๐Ÿš€
Blog views 1601 |Medium Views 495, $0.82

Dependency Injection and Reflection for Frameworks in NET Core
Blog views 150 | Medium Views 1771, $2.88

Hello Marineโ€Šโ€”โ€Š a SC2 AI Guide
Blog views 328 | Medium Views 1803, $0.09

NET Core Wrapper for SC2 API
Blog views 66 | Medium Views 95, $0.09

Guide to StarCraft II Proto API
Blog views 174ย | Medium Views 199, $0.28

Protobufโ€Šโ€”โ€ŠA high-performance data-interchange format.
Blog views 117 | Medium Views 967, $2.29

Abathurโ€Šโ€”โ€Ša Framework for AIs in SC2
Not posted | ย Medium Views 118, free


The blog almost reached break-even but only due to the credit that DigitalOcean offered. The Medium income has been insignificant but to be fair my efforts have also been inconsistent and minuscule. Growing an audience requires consistent effort.

I might leave Medium due to the recent announcement on the Partner Program changes. Writers with less than 100 followers will be kicked out of the program and I won't realistically reach that. I am pretty satisfied with the decision to also self-host all my content as it makes it easier to leave Medium. Posting on Medium does provide some exposure but is not very efficient at driving traffic.

Only 40 people have been referred to this site from Medium articles even though every single one contains the message 'Originally published at ...'.

Feeding Medium with content becomes a bit less interesting without the pocket-change incentive ๐Ÿคท I have decided to keep the blog alive though - but still as this casual, inconsistent, mixed-bag of random technology-related content.