This post covers how to configure the setup.json file for the Abathur Framework and which modules the framework comes pre-packed with.

Contents of the file

The setup.jsonĀ file is quite simple and contains everything required to configure the Abathur framework (without recompiling).

The file contains the following fields:

  • IsParallelized
    • False will run everything sequentially (recommended for debugging purposes)
    • True will run OnStep() methods asynchronously (Initialize(), OnStart(), OnGameEnded() etc. is still sequential)
  • Modules
    • Contains a list of modules to run – the name entered should be the class name of a class implementing IModule
    • Names that do not resolve to a valid class will be interpreted as a CMD command (used for running python modules)
    • The order in which the modules appear in the setup file is the order they will be called

Prepacked modules

The framework is still in early development and we have been busy focusing on the architecture and core functionality, but we did get around to write a few simple modules.

  • AutoSupply:
    Queues a supply depot/overlord/pylon when supply capped and current supply is under 200.
  • AutoHarvestGather:
    Make all idle workers mine minerals or vespene gas. It will try to satisfy the DesiredVespeneWorkers on each colony, which by default is set to three workers per vespene geyser. This can be changed at runtime (limiting vespene workers can be useful in early game)
  • AutoRestart:
    Restart the game when the current match ends.

In development: AutoQueenInject, AutoScout, AutoCreep.